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ICSE Class 7 Answered

Give a brief estimate of Shah Jahan as a ruler.
Asked by Topperlearning User | 29 Apr, 2015, 06:27: AM
answered-by-expert Expert Answer

The reign of Shah Jahan is considered the ‘Golden Age’ of the Mughal Empire. It was politically united, culturally vibrant and economically prosperous. There were no foreign invasions. The peace, security and stability of the empire resulted in developments in architecture.

However, the empire was overshadowed by the extravagant expenditures incurred because of the construction of many monuments and buildings. To meet these expenditures, heavy taxes were levied on the peasants. The gap between the rich and the poor began to grow wide.

The failed military campaigns during this period also point towards the decline of the military strength of the Mughals. Corruption became deep rooted during this time.

Shah Jahan in his last years was imprisoned by his son, Aurangzeb. The bloody policy of succession which he followed was also imitated by Aurangzeb who occupied the throne after killing his brothers and imprisoning his father.

Answered by | 29 Apr, 2015, 08:27: AM
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