Find the volume of a hemisphere whose curved surface area is 24948 cm2.

Asked by Topperlearning User | 24th Oct, 2017, 01:05: PM

Expert Answer:

Let r = radius of the hemispherical bowl.

Curved surface area of the hemisphere = 24948 cm2


begin mathsize 12px style 2 πr squared equals space 24948
straight r squared space equals space fraction numerator 24948 cross times 7 over denominator 22 cross times 2 end fraction
straight r space equals space 63 space cm end style

Let V be its volume.


begin mathsize 12px style straight V space equals space 2 over 3 πr cubed
straight V space equals space 2 over 3 cross times 22 over 7 cross times 63 squared
straight V space equals space 523908 space cm cubed end style

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