find the compound interest if principal is 1000 date is 8% half yearly time is one and half year??

Asked by sanskrutikute12006 | 11th Mar, 2020, 10:37: PM

Expert Answer:

Here, P=Rs. 1000, r=8% half yearly, n=3/2
A equals P open parentheses 1 plus fraction numerator r divided by 2 over denominator 100 end fraction close parentheses to the power of 2 n end exponent
equals 1000 open parentheses 1 plus 8 over 100 close parentheses cubed
equals 1000 open parentheses 108 over 100 close parentheses cubed
equals 1259.71
C I equals A minus P equals 1259.71 minus 1000 equals R s. space 259.712

Answered by Renu Varma | 12th Mar, 2020, 12:19: PM

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