Find the area bounded by y = x, the x - axis and the lines x = -1 and x = 2.

Asked by sriharshu25 | 26th Feb, 2019, 11:47: AM

Expert Answer:

Figure shows the area bounded by lines y=x , x=2 , x=-1 and x-axis.
Area by Integration : begin mathsize 12px style A space equals space integral subscript negative 1 end subscript superscript 2 x space d x space space space equals space 1 half space open square brackets x squared close square brackets subscript negative 1 end subscript superscript space 2 end superscript space space equals space 3 over 2 space s q. space u n i t s end style
By Geometry :  A = area of ΔODC + area of ΔOBA = -(1/2)OD×DC +(1/2)OB×BA = -(1/2)1×1 +(1/2)2×2 = 3/2 sq. units

in the above calculation area below x-axis is taken as -ve

Answered by Thiyagarajan K | 26th Feb, 2019, 02:40: PM

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