find all rational numbers x whose absolute value is less than 3


Asked by eshaan.dt | 24th Apr, 2014, 11:18: AM

Expert Answer:

There are infinietely many rational numbers whose absolute value is less than 3.
So we can write the solution in set builder form as:
A equals open curly brackets x element of R : open vertical bar x close vertical bar less than 3 close curly brackets
Roster method:
B equals open curly brackets minus 2.9999.... comma minus 2.9998.... comma minus 2.9997.... comma minus 2.9.... comma.... minus 1 comma minus 0.99... comma 0 comma 1 comma 1.1111... comma 1.1112.... comma 2.9999.... close curly brackets
Number Line method:

Answered by  | 24th Apr, 2014, 07:32: PM

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