explain the surgical method with its example in detail.

Asked by Purnima Jain | 22nd Nov, 2012, 04:17: PM

Expert Answer:

Surgical methods, also called sterilisation, are generally advised for the male/female partner as a terminal method to prevent any more pregnancies. Surgical intervention blocks gamete transport and thereby prevents conception.

Sterilisation procedure in the male is called ‘vasectomy’ and that in the female, ‘tubectomy’.

In vasectomy, a small part of the vas deferens is removed or tied up through a small incision on the scrotum. Vas deferens is the tube carrying the sperm from the testis to penis. So after vasectomy, sperms cannot reach the penis and hence fertilization can't occur

In tubectomy, a small part of the fallopian tube is removed or tied up through a small incision in the abdomen or through vagina. Hence ova can't be released from the ovary, thereby preventing fertilization.

These techniques are highly effective but their reversibility is very poor.

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