Q.5  The temperature at 12 noon was 10ºC above zero. If decreases at the rate of 2ºC/hr untill midnight ,at what time would the temperature be 8ºC below 0? What would be temperature at midnight? 

Asked by yamantakkarodpati38.7tpstl | 8th Jul, 2020, 02:38: PM

Expert Answer:

Temperature at 12 noon was 10o C
Initial temperature = 10o C
Final temperature = -8o C
Total decrease = Final temperature - Initial temperature = -8o C - 10o C = -18o C
Temperature decrease by 2o C in every 1 hour
Time required to reach -18o C = 18/2 = 9 hours
Hence, the temperature at 9 pm would be -8o C

Answered by Renu Varma | 12th Jul, 2020, 12:56: PM