Distinguished between developed countries and developing countries?

Asked by akashdsouza515 | 24th Jan, 2020, 07:07: PM

Expert Answer:

Developed Countries

Developing Countries

High average income, higher per capita income and better standard of living

Low average income, less per capita income and low standard of living

People of the developed countries have better access the services of public facilities

Most of the people in developing countries are deprived of the public facilities

Literacy rate is quite high due to better education system

Literacy rate is quite low as people are deprived of education facilities

Life expectancy rate is higher due to better standard of living and medical facilities etc.

Life expectancy is lower than that of developed countries due to existence of poverty, lack of medical facilities etc.

Problems such as poverty, unemployment etc. are very low in developed countries

Problems such as poverty, unemployment etc. are prevalent in developing countries

Answered by Christina | 26th Jan, 2020, 11:56: AM

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