differentiate between science and symptoms.

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Expert Answer:

A symptom is one of the characters of a disease. Meanwhile, sign is the definite indication of a specific disease.

Signs are what a doctor sees, symptoms are what a patient experiences. While signs are the physical manifestation of injury, illness or disease, symptoms can be described as what a patient experiences about the injury, illness or disease.

A high temperature, a rapid pulse, low blood pressure, open wound and bruising are examples of signs. Chills, shivering, fever, nausea, shaking and vertigo are examples of symptoms.

While signs are objective, symptoms on the other hand are subjective. Signs are called objective in the sense that they can be felt, heard or seen. Symptoms are subjective in the sense that they are not outwardly visible to others. It is only the patient who perceives and experiences the symptoms.

Symptoms help the physician diagnose the problem. Symptoms are reported by the patient but cannot be verified. Signs on the other hand can be verified. Signs can be measured in a clinical setting. High or low blood pressure, rapid heart rate or fever, can be measured.

Symptoms are vague but signs are visible

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