differences between sexual and asexual modes of reproduction

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Expert Answer:

In sexual reproduction, two parents of different sexes are requiredIn asexual reproduction, only one parent is needed. No partner is required in asexual reproduction. Here one organism essentially clones itself.


In asexual reproduction, the genetic material in the offspring is identical to the genetic material of the parent. In sexual reproduction, half of the genetic material required to produce the offspring comes from one parent, and half from the other. Hence the genetic material is not identical to any one parent, but a mix of the two.


Asexual reproduction is faster than sexual reproduction.

 Since in asexual rep the animal or pollen grain doesn’t have to travel or have devices to attract the mate,  energy expenditure is much lesser than sexual reproduction.


Asexual reproduction involves only mitosis whereas sexual reproduction involves both mitosis and meiosis.

Evolution is largely possible in sexual reproduction.

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