difference between SAS,ASA,AAS,SSA congruence conditions.

Asked by shivamnyr | 17th Jun, 2009, 05:30: PM

Expert Answer:

In SAS the angle is between the sides i.e. the two As of SAS.


 if CA=PR


angleABC=angle PQR

then the triangles ABC and PQR are congruent by SAS rule because the angles which are equal have the corresponding sides as their arms, i.e. the angle is between the sides.


In ASA the equal side is between the angles.

If angle B=angle Q

angle C= angle R


then thetriangles ABC and PQR  are congruent by ASA rule

Similarly for SSS, all three sides of ione trianlge equal to the corresponding three sides of the other triangle.

SSA  can be thought of same as SAS

Answered by  | 17th Jun, 2009, 07:28: PM

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