Describe three economic reforms carried out by Hitler.

Asked by Kanhaiya | 27th Sep, 2015, 10:04: AM

Expert Answer:

After Hitler took over Germany, he assigned Hjalmar Schacht the responsibility of economic recovery. The various economic reforms carried out under the Hitler's rule were:
  • Full production and full employment through a state-funded work-creation programme. This project produced the famous German superhighways (autobahns) and the people's car, the Volkswagen.
  • Proposal of compulsory labour for male citizens, comprehensive agricultural reform, interest-rate reduction, looser union wages to promote industrial growth, and new jobs in road and waterway construction.
  • Accumulation of resources by undertaking an aggressive foreign policy and expansion of territory.

Answered by Soumil Shukla | 28th Sep, 2015, 03:30: PM

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