construction sum :using ruler and compasses only construct a triangle abc in which bc = 4 cm at angle acb= 45° and perpendicular from a on bc is 2.5 cm. draw a circle circumscribe the triangle abc and measure its radius icse 10th class

Asked by Anirudh | 8th Sep, 2016, 04:57: PM

Expert Answer:

Steps of Construction:

i)Draw a line segment BC = 4 cm.

ii) At C, draw a perpendicular line CX and from it, cut off CE = 2.5 cm.

iii) From E, draw another perpendicular line EY.

iv) From C, draw a ray making an angle of 45o with CB, which intersects EY at A.

v) Join AB. Thus, triangle ABC is the required triangle.

vi) Draw perpendicular bisectors of sides AB and BC intersecting each other at O.

vii) With centre O, and radius OB, draw a circle which will pass through A, B and C.

Measuring the radius OB = OC = OA = 2 cm

Answered by Rashmi Khot | 9th Sep, 2016, 09:06: AM