Construct a triangle XYZ in which angle Y = 30o, angle Z = 90o and XY + YZ + ZX =11cm.

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Steps of construction  

Following steps will be followed to construct the required triangle.

          Step I: Draw a line segment AB of 11 cm.(As XY + YZ + ZX = 11 cm)

          Step II: Construct an angle PAB of 30° at point A and an angle QBA of 90° at point B.

          Step III: Bisect PAB and QBA. Let these bisectors intersect each other at point X.

          Step IV: Draw perpendicular bisector ST of AX and UV of BX.

          Step V: Let ST intersects AB at Y and UV intersects AB at Z.Join XY, XZ.DXYZ is the required triangle.

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