Can you explain clouds at formed??  What is the need of dust particles to act as a nuclei for minute water droplets to become big ones?

Asked by siyer1963 | 1st Dec, 2017, 01:17: PM

Expert Answer:

Clouds are the masses of small water droplets or small crystals of ice that floats in the atmosphere away from the surface of the earth.

When the warm air rises into the sky, it cools down and condenses into small droplets of water around dust particles that are floating into the air. When billions of droplets of water come together around dust particles, clouds are formed.  

Dust, dirt and other small particulate matter are important in te process of condensation. It is because a molecule of water cannot condenses on its own. It needs something to condense on. Thus dust particles act as a nuclei for water drop particles.

Answered by  | 1st Dec, 2017, 04:13: PM

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