Ashok and jogesh leave home for school together.Ashok walks at 5km/hr and reaches school 3 mins late while jogesh cycles at 9km/hr and reaches school 5 mins earlier.How far is their school from home?

Asked by alef | 10th Jan, 2019, 03:23: PM

Expert Answer:

Let d be distance in km from home to school.
Time taken by Ashok = (d/5) hour  ; Time taken by Jogesh = (d/9) hour
We are given that Ashok is late by 3 minutes or (1/20) hour, but Jogesh is early by 5 minutes or (1/12) hour
hence begin mathsize 12px style d over 5 minus 1 over 20 space equals space d over 9 plus 1 over 12 end style
begin mathsize 12px style d over 5 minus d over 9 space equals space 1 over 12 plus 1 over 20 space space space o r space space fraction numerator 4 d over denominator 45 end fraction space equals space 8 over 60 space o r space d space equals space 1.5 space k m end style

Answered by Thiyagarajan K | 10th Jan, 2019, 05:27: PM

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