an electron is moving in bohrs 4th orbit.its deBrogile wavelength is X.what is the circumference of 4th orbit

Asked by svvsatyanarayana38 | 27th Jul, 2021, 04:33: PM

Expert Answer:

According to Bohr's quantum mechanical postulate,
mvr equals straight h cross times fraction numerator straight h over denominator 2 straight pi end fraction

2 πr space equals space straight n space cross times straight h over mv space equals space nλ

for space the space fourth space Bohr apostrophe straight s space orbit space comma space straight n equals 4

therefore space 2 πr space equals space 4 cross times straight lambda
Circumference= 4λ

Answered by Ramandeep | 27th Jul, 2021, 06:18: PM

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