Amit invested an amount at the rate of 10% p.a on C.I and after two years he again invested, half of the initial amount . If he got Rs 1371.6 as interest after three years , if he invested same amount on S.I at rate of 15% p.a? 

Asked by Rp7350876 | 23rd Apr, 2020, 10:34: AM

Expert Answer:

straight A equals straight P open parentheses 1 plus 10 over 100 close parentheses cubed... total space 3 space years
now space he space invested space half space in space SI space for space 1 space year
straight I equals fraction numerator begin display style straight P over 2 end style cross times 3 cross times 1 over denominator 100 end fraction
total space interest
1371.6 equals straight I plus open parentheses straight A minus straight P close parentheses
sub space and space find space straight P

Answered by Arun | 26th Apr, 2020, 07:19: PM