a boat which has a speed of 75km/hr, goes upstream along the wind and returns to tje starting point.the speed of the stream and the wind is 4km/hr and 9km/hr respectively.if the total distance 90 km is covered by the boatin 8 hour,then find the time taken to travel upstream

Asked by Pdas7Pdas743294 | 16th Apr, 2020, 03:00: PM

Expert Answer:

begin mathsize 14px style Speed space of space boat equals 75 km divided by hr
Stream equals 4 km divided by hr
Wind equals 9 km divided by hr
total space distance equals 90 km
total space time equals 8 hr

relative space speed space of space boat equals 75 space minus space 4 space plus space 9 space equals 80 km divided by hr
distance space covered space equals space 45 space km
time equals 45 over 80 equals 9 over 16 space hrs

Check space your space question space the space data space given space is space wrong comma space it space won apostrophe straight t space take space 8 space hrs space to space complete space entire space journey
end style

Answered by Arun | 19th Apr, 2020, 09:45: AM