1. Xcl2 is the choride of a metal X. state the formula of the sulphate & the hydroxide of the metal X
2.an element X is trivalent. write the balance equation for the combustion of X in oxgen

Asked by modmakers.goa | 23rd Aug, 2016, 09:28: PM

Expert Answer:

In the compound XCl2, metal X has the valency 2.
Valency of the sulphate is 2 and that of hydroxide is 1.
So the metal sulphate will have the formula XSO4 and the metal hydroxide will have the formula X(OH)2.
Balanced equation for the combustion of X in oxygen can be represented as:
2X + O2 → 2XO

Answered by Vaibhav Chavan | 24th Aug, 2016, 12:14: PM