1) Name the compound obtained from baking soda and is used to remove the permanent hardness of water.

2) Write its chemical formula.

3) What happens when it is recrystallised from its aqueous solution?

Isn't the formula of wasing soda Na2CO3.10H2O...and in the third part of the question they are asking waht happens when the water is removed from its aqueous solution...so the answer should be 'sodium carbonate is formed when it is recrystallised'.... The answer given here totally the opposite

Please tell me the correct answer 

Asked by subbukum | 18th Feb, 2020, 07:12: PM

Expert Answer:

For your understanding:
(a) Sodium carbonate is obtained from baking soda and is used to remove hardness of water.
(b) Its chemical formula is Na2CO3.
(c) When it is recrystallized with water, it changes to washing soda, Na2CO3.10H2O.

Answered by Ramandeep | 19th Feb, 2020, 08:53: AM

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