Sun February 19, 2012 By: Ananya Shrivastava

what would be the advantages of exploiting resources with short term aims?how would these advantages differ from advantages of using a long term perspective in using our resources?

Expert Reply
Mon February 20, 2012
Advantages of exploiting resources with short term aims:
  • It provides immediate advantage of meeting current basic human needs.
  • Fast industrialisation and development
  • Provides l?arge number of products for use and comforts
  • ??????????Improvement of the lifestyles of the people ???
H?o?w?e?v?e?r ??t?h?e?s?e? ?a?d?v?a?n?t?a?g?e?s? ?c?o?m?e? ?w?i?t?h? ?a? ?h?e?a?v?y??p?r?i?c?e? ?l?i?k?e increase in the pollution levels, global warming, ?h?e?a?l?t?h? ?p?r?o?b?l?e?m?s?,? depletion ?????????????o?f? ??n?a?t?u?r?a?l? resources etc.
So it is better to use resources with long-term perspective. This will prevent depletion of resources, not harm our environment and also ensure availability of resources for our future generation.
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