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What is a Test Generator

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Benefits to our partners


Teachers and educators can generate tests on a weekly or monthly basis.

Quick access

Users can quickly access our question banks.


Questions are segregated by board, class, subject, chapter and topic.

Extensive set of questions

Our question bank contains more than 1 lakh questions.

Saves time & cost

Online test generation is an efficient way to design tests.

Easily customisable

A quick way of generating tests and the answers are also provided.

Customise your test by following the steps below.


Enter your login credentials to create a test


View your dashboard for user and pack details

Create a Test

Create your own test by browsing through the various types of questions in our question bank

Final Question Paper

Question paper format (Can be used online and offline)

Additional benefits of the TopperLearning Test Generator Interface


Get an in-depth analysis on the number of tests you have created.


Create your own test with your own logo and customise almost everything.

Add a teacher

After you create a test, choose a teacher to track the progress of students.

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