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Management of Natural Resources CBSE Class 10

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Management of Natural Resources Topics

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Question 1/20

Q 1. The concept of sustainable development encourages


The concept of sustainable development encourages growth to meet current needs, preservation for the needs of the future and change in all aspects of life. 

Q 2. Rainwater flowing over the ground surface resulting in streams and rivers is called


The flow of rainwater over the ground surface is called run-off. 

Q 3. When considering conservation of forests, we need to look at the


We need to look at the Forest Department of the Government, industrialists and people who live in or around forests when considering conservation of forests. 

Q 4. Amrita Devi Bishnoisacrificed her life for the protection of


Amrita Devi Bishnoiwith 363 villagers sacrificed her life to protect Khejri trees. 

Q 5. Which of the following is a non-renewable resource? 


Nuclear fission is considered a non-renewable energy resource because it involves uranium, a non-renewable resource, being mined and extracted. 

Q 6. Groundwater will not deplete because of


Planting more trees will not lead to depletion of groundwater. 

Q 7. What does it mean to reuse?


Using something again is reuse. 

Q 8. When you buy rechargeable batteries, you help


Rechargeable batteries help in reducing. 

Q 9. Chipko Movement started from


Chipko Movement started from Reni village in Garhwal. 

Q 10. Khadins, bundhis, ahars and kattas are ancient structures which are examples of


Khadins, bundhis, ahars and kattas are ancient structures which are examples of water harvesting. 

Q 11. For future preservation of resources, we have to


Natural resources need to be saved for future preservation. 

Q 12. Wind is a


Renewable resources are replenished naturally and over relatively short periods of time. One of the five major renewable energy resources is wind energy. 

Q 13. Problems for criticism about large dams are that they


The criticism about large dams is that they displace a large number of peasants without proper rehabilitation, public money is being swallowed and it also contributes to deforestation and loss of biodiversity. 

Q 14. Which of the following helps in the conservation of wildlife?


Steps such as breeding animals in captivity and then releasing them into their natural habitat as well as the establishment of nature parks and sanctuaries help in the conservation of wildlife. 

Q 15. The name given for replenishment of forests is


Replenishment of forests is termed afforestation. 

Q 16. What does it mean to reduce?


Reduce means use less of something which creates smaller amounts of waste. 

Q 17. Why should we conserve forest and wildlife?


Forests and wildlife are conserved to maintain the ecosystem. 

Q 18. What is one disadvantage of coal?


When coal burns, the chemical bonds holding its carbon atoms in place are broken, releasing energy. However, other chemical reactions also occur, many of which carry toxic airborne pollutants and heavy metals into the environment. 

Q 19. A synthetic material/chemical which depletes the ozone layer is


Both aerosol and chlorofluorocarbon emitted from appliances deplete the ozone layer. 

Q 20. Which of the following is not included in the three R's approach?


We should follow the three R's approach of reduce, recycle and reuse to save natural resources. 

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