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Access to Core Subjects like Maths and Science

As Maths and Science are core subjects, it is important to understand all the concepts clearly. Thus, TopperLearning provides a detailed explanation of every concept of every chapter in an easy-to-understand language, study notes, and important points. You will find step-by-step Maths solutions and diagrams for Science easily available at your fingertips. The resources are designed by subject experts who understand student requirements and draft them accordingly. Thus, the solutions covered by the annual course break down complex theories for students so that they can easily continue their studies.

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Access to Complimentary Free Subjects

For improving overall student performance in the examination, TopperLearning’s annual course also provides solutions for complimentary free subjects, including English Grammar, Comprehension and Composition, and Hindi Vyakaran. It is an add-on free feature that students can have exclusive access to for a complete study experience. Experts craft all solutions in detail to ensure clarity in students’ minds.

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5200+ Chapter-wise Questions

It is always better to have extra questions handy when doing self-study or revision for the exam. The study resources cover chapter-wise multiple-choice questions, short answer questions and solved important questions. The study material also covers multiple choice questions, short answer questions, important questions, True or False, and fill in the blanks. Solving these additional questions will help for better exam preparation. Thus, having access to these different formats helps students to complete exam preparation well in advance and score maximum marks.

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150+ Chapter-wise Revision Notes

After self-study, a thorough revision is necessary for scoring maximum marks in an exam. Thus, every chapter carries revision notes that students can mark as important for the exam and focus on. These revision notes also help summarise the chapters, which helps students get an extract of the complete chapter at a glance. Revision notes are prepared by concerned subject experts, which the students can scroll through before their exams or during their revision sessions.

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150+ Video Lessons

Review videos to understand different topics and complex concepts. Use these videos while self-studying after school hours for making notes. TopperLearning provides exclusive access to video lessons for subjects including Maths, Science and Hindi Vyakaran.

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15+ Sample Papers with Solutions

Solving sample papers before the exam is the best practice that students must follow. The annual course provides sufficient sample papers with solutions so that you can solve them and cross-check your answers immediately. It will help you understand your level of performance and improve accordingly. Students will also get acquainted with topic weightage, mark division, and paper patterns. It will help students to strategise better for the exams.

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Ask a Doubt- A Platform for Doubt Clearance

Getting all doubts cleared for improved exam performance and an anxiety-free learning experience is important. Thus, TopperLearning offers a doubt-solving platform whereby students can post 5 doubts daily, and the subject experts will provide accurate, prompt answers. You can also review and access doubts posted by your peers and their answers.

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