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CBSE Annual Course for Class 8

The syllabus of class 8 is vast. With the recent changes by CBSE, students encounter challenges while dealing with new chapters, complicated topics, and unfamiliar concepts. TopperLearning brings forth the CBSE Annual Course for Class 8 to make learning easier.

With exclusive access to the pack’s study materials, students can use various learning resources like practice tests, video lessons, revision notes, doubt-clearing forums, and more to improve their grades. 

The CBSE Annual Course for Class 8 pack has validity till March 2025 to ensure students can take advantage of this learning program until their final examination. 

Features of the CBSE Annual Course for Class 8

The CBSE Annual Course for Class 8 program comes with a range of features that offer quality learning support for students and make them exam-ready.

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Syllabus Aligned to NCERT Curriculum

The course has the latest CBSE syllabus for all subjects based on the revised NCERT curriculum. Students can refer to the syllabus to identify the topics they need to prepare for the exams.

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Comprehensive Study Materials for Maths and Science

Students can access various study materials that make challenging subjects like Maths and Science easy to comprehend and learn.

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Competency-Based Questions for Rigorous Practice

The National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 recommends adding competency-based questions in the curriculum to encourage critical thinking and application-based learning. Experienced subject experts have developed multiple competency-based questions that align with NEP 2020 guidelines to ensure students are confident and ready to face such questions in the exam.

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Over 12,500+ Probable Questions

The course offers access to thousands of theoretical questions chapter-wise to ensure students take advantage of every topic while preparing for the exams. The questions include essential questions, MCQs, short answer questions, true or false, fill-in-the-blanks, and more. These questions provide insight to the students on what they can expect in their examinations.

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Practice Tests with 4000+ Questions

Solving practice tests will help students get familiarised with the question paper pattern, gauge their level and quality of exam preparation, work on their time management, and identify which areas need further improvement.

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Access to 300+ Video Lessons Created by Experts

Visuals make any topic interesting and fun to learn. Learned professors have created hundreds of video lessons that break down complex issues in an easy-to-understand manner. Video lessons are provided for Maths, Science, and Hindi Vyakaran. Moreover, after watching them, students can take mock tests to evaluate their learning.

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Over 200+ Revision Notes for Accurate Answers

Students can access chapter-wise revision notes prepared for all subjects to favour quick revisions before the exam. Thus, the pack ensures quick exam preparation.

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40+ Sample Papers with Solutions

Review several sample papers for each subject to get an idea about the question paper pattern, mark division, topics that enjoy more weightage, and so on.

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Complete NCERT Textbook Solutions

Students will get answers to all exercise questions provided in the NCERT textbooks. Subject matter experts have prepared these solutions to ensure accuracy and precision. Students can refer to these solutions to learn the correct answer for all NCERT questions.

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Access to the Ask A Doubt Forum

Ask A Doubt is a platform that connects students with subject matter experts for efficient doubt clarification. Students can type or upload five questions daily, to which experts promptly reply. They can also go through 3 lakh+ solved questions already posted on the forum.

Why Choose the CBSE Annual Course for Class 8? 

The CBSE Annual Course for Class 8 is an excellent program that helps students support their regular studies with additional resources to advance their exam preparation. The study materials aid with thorough preparation, ensuring the student covers all topics mentioned in the curriculum. At the same time, the learning resources help students undertake a systematic preparation method that covers all bases. The CBSE Annual Course for Class 8 is essential for students who want to improve their grades and achieve higher ranks in class.

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