NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Chapter 6(E) - We are the World

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Chapter 6(E) - We are the World Exercise 132

Solution 1

There comes a time.

When we heed a certain call

When the world must come together

As one

There are people dying

Oh and it's time

To lend a hand to life

The greatest gift of all

We can't go on

Pretending day by day

That someone, somewhere

Will soon make a change

We are all a part of

God's great big family

And the truth, you know

Love is all we need

We are the world

We are the children

We are the ones

To make a brighter day

So let's start giving

There's a choice we're making

We're saving our own lives

It's true we make a better day

Just you and me

We'll, send them your heart

So they know that someone cares

And their lives will be stronger

And free

As God has shown us

By turning stone to bread

And so we all must

Lend a helping hand

We are the world ...

We're down and out

And there seems no hope at all

But if you just believe

There's no way we can fall

Oh yes, let's realise

That change can only come

When we stand together

As one

We are the world ...

Chapter 6(E) - We are the World Exercise 134

Solution 3

· We are the children

We are the children of this world; the future is bequeathed in our hands. We alone can work for a better tomorrow. We are the youth and we are to bring the change, for good of course. We all, part of the big family of God, we all children are to reside together with harmony and peace.

· There's a choice we're making.

We're saving our own lives

We all have to make a choice and if we choose the right thing we are doing our own good, we are saving our own lives by doing so. We have to make tomorrow a better day. We have to start giving and not ask. We have to think of others before ourselves. We have to give love so we get love in return.

· Well, send them your heart

So they know that someone cares...

There are so many people who are distressed and dying. They are abandoned, but they also are the children of God who reside on this planet. We have to make them happy. We have to save them. So, we will send them our heat, i.e., our love and all the help that they need to suffice. They will know that they are not alone. There is someone out there, who cares and bothers.

· Change can only come

When we stand together

As one ...

We all yearn for the change. However, not one of us speaks up or takes a stand to bring the change. No one will bring the change for us. We ourselves have to rise together and fight got the change. We have to stand united as one. And have to change ourselves to bring the change rather than being dependent that someone else will fight for us. This is our fight and we are ourselves responsible. So, let us all join hands and do the good, together.

Solution 4

The Skit is on the emerging problem of digital divide among children.

Title of the skit: O! Computer.






The Story line: The skit is on the emerging problem of digital divide among children as all children do not have opportunity to use computers. The skit is a satire on how four children want to pass time playing games. Two of them want to play in the fields while another wants to play on the computer. The third one remains indecisive. It becomes very difficult for them to select a game under the given circumstances.

Alam: Our exams are over. What to do now? We should play and play .

Priya: You are right. But where?

Ketan: I think we should play a game in the nearby park.

Somesh: You fool! These days games are played on the computer.

Ketan: But you can't enjoy a game playing on the computer.

Priya: I do not know which way will be better.