NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Chapter 6(D) - Life Skills

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Chapter 6(D) - Life Skills Exercise 129

Solution 3


As we see ourselves

As our parents see us

How tidy we are

Quite tidy, as we perceive ourselves

We are just not up to the mark! We need to take hygiene classes! And we do not maintain our room with neatness and tidiness.

The types of clothes we wear

Fashionable, latest in trend, what makes us look catchy and flashy

We make ourselves appear fools by following every latest fad. We do not have the true sense of style, which is sober and elegant.

How courteous we are

Oh very much! We know how to behave ourselves and we respect all the much we should. To say precisely, we are courteous enough.

We do not know how to act and behave in front of our elders. We are argumentative and aggressive. We should learn what is mannerism and etiquette.

How much we study

Oh well, we may be not too much according to what elders say. But we do try the much we can, as per our ability.

We do try but not up to the mark. We need to work more hard and only then we will know what hard work is. Study more and play less to make something out of ourselves.

How independently are we allowed to express our opinions

We are not at all allowed to act independently; elders, especially parents, always tell us what to do and what not to do, as if we are kids. We do possess some radical notions, but then we are young blood!

We do not ask for it, we just take it, and for granted, of course! We do not know what to say when and where. We are blunt and out spoken.

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Chapter 6(D) - Life Skills Exercise 130

Solution 5

Below are listed the expressions that are used for giving advice.

1. Why don't you try...?

2. could think of....

3. ...I would advise you to....

4. ...I think you should....

Chapter 6(D) - Life Skills Exercise 131

Solution 6

My parents don't give me any pocket money. This embarrasses me when I'm with my friends.

Kid 1: Why do not you persuade them to fix an amount as your pocket money?

Kid 2: You can try staying at home more or move out more with your parents rather.

Kid 1: I would advise you to be with those friends that accept you the way you are. Moreover, you are not that grown up now that you will spend so much money hanging out with such frivolous kids.

Kid 2: I think you should discuss it with your parents and let them decide.

I stole some money from my mother's purse. I feel very guilty, and I don't know what to do.

Kid 1: Why do not you confess it to you mother? She will definitely understand and will forgive you.

Kid 2: You can try giving a sorry card to your mother and promise to her to never to repeat it.

Kid 1: I would advise you to never ever repeat what you did and for now you must talk to your parents about it and make a clean breast of it.

Kid 2: I think you should tell your father. Maybe he will make your mother understand and also fix an amount as your pocket money.

I lied to my friend. This has spoilt our friendship. I would like to make amends, but I don't know how.

Kid 1: Why do not you try to speak to him/her and apologise for what happened?

Kid 2: You can try explaining her/him for why you lied, maybe he/she will forgive you.

Kid 1: I would advise you to never back stab a friend and take a lesson from this.

Kid 2: I think you should make an honest confession to her/him and win her/him back her/his trust by doing something special.

Solution 7

Reply to the father

Dear Sir,

I understand your concern for your son. Why do not you try to discuss it with him and see what he's got to say? As you told me, he is young and studies hard; I suppose, he is just trying to take his mind off from the heaviness by following these fads. These are the latest trends that kids follow these days. I do not see any harm unless he crosses the limit. I think you should let your son know that you do trust him and want him to live his life the way he wishes. All you need to do is make him understand that he must remember his roots, his culture as well, where he comes from. I think you have a very sensible son and I am sure that he respects his culture and tradition as well.

Sir, it is you and you alone who can make him feel responsible. Once you bestow your faith in him, he will realise and never breach it; only that he will respect and love you more for trusting him. I am not promising you that your son will retire from these trends entirely; however, he will never cross his limits and will always stay grounded to his tradition.


Reply to the son


It is nice that you are keeping up to date with all the latest trends and fads. However, your father seems really worried about you. Why do not you try to see what actually is worrying him so much? I suppose your father is apprehensive about you going so much western. I understand that after all the pressure of studies, you need some time to take your mind off. However, I would advise you to respect your father's sentiments as well. You could think of ways of spending some time with your father and other family members as well. You must reassure your father that you have not forgotten your roots and are grounded to your culture and tradition. I think you need to win your father's confidence and trust. Once your father is certain that you are not abandoning your culture entirely, he will never stop you. However, you need to keep his trust and faith that he bequeaths on you.