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Class 9 NCERT Solutions English Chapter P.5 - The Seven Ages

The Seven Ages Exercise 80

Solution 1

Please use the following points to frame an answer based on your views and understanding. 


Infancy, youth, adulthood, middle age and old age are the main stages of a person's life. Each stage has its own experiences.

The Seven Ages Exercise 81

Solution 3a

(iv) life of man that comes to an end. 

Solution 3b

(i) birth and death


The Seven Ages Exercise 82

Solution 3c

(i) chronological age in life

Solution 4

You are recommended to use your imagination to describe the following stages of a person's life.


Characteristic feature


Crying, helpless




Whining, bright, alert, active



Sighing, mournful, emotional, passionate





Devoted, honorable, aggressive, impulsive, short tempered, fearless, ambitious


Middle age

Wise, mature, authoritative, responsible

Old age


Weak,  forgetful



Clueless ,dependent

*Senile: Deterioration in mind and body often accompanying old age.

Solution 5

This is a group activity. You may refer to your answer for the fourth question to write an answer for this.  

Solution 6a

This line is taken from the poem "The Seven Ages of Man" by William Shakespeare.

The poet compares the whole world to a stage and life to a play. All men and women are actors in the play of life.

Every person is born, lives the different stages of life, and exits with death.

Solution 6b

This line is taken from the poem "The Seven Ages of Man" by William Shakespeare.

In the above lines, the poet explains that a young man, when in love, is as unpredictable as the flames in a furnace. When man is in love, his passions are aroused for his lover.


Solution 6c

This line is taken from the poem "The Seven Ages of Man" by William Shakespeare.

The poet has compared a young man to a soldier who takes his responsibilities very seriously and strives relentlessly when dedicated to a cause. In his youth, man seeks instant fame and is ready to take risks. However, when one seeks instant fame, there is a big risk of their reputation getting tainted, just like a bubble that rises and bursts instantly.


Solution 7





all the world's a stage 


men, women 

Men and women merely actors




Creeping like a snail



Sighing like a furnace


A bearded pard



Bubble reputation



Big manly voice



For the question 'which comparison do you find the most interesting," the student is recommended to answer it on his/her own based on their views and perspective.


The Seven Ages Exercise 83

Solution 9

This is a group activity to be carried out in class.

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