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Class 9 NCERT Solutions English Chapter F.2 - A Dog Named Duke

A Dog Named Duke Exercise 13

Solution 1

Here are a list of known breeds of dogs that the students can use in their answers;



  • German shepherds


  • Bull terriers


  • Labradors


  • English mastiffs


  • Golden retrievers


  • Pugs


  • Boxers


  • Poodles


  • Cocker spaniels


  • Chihuahuas


  • Rottweilers


  • Pomeranians

A Dog Named Duke Exercise 14

Solution 2a


Solution 2b


Solution 2c


Solution 2d


Solution 2e


Solution 2f


Solution 2g


Solution 2h


Solution 2i

subdural haemorrhage 

Solution 2j


Solution 2k


A Dog Named Duke Exercise 18

Solution 4a

(i) he had everything that a man aspires for.

Solution 4b

(iii) Duke realized that Chuck was not well and could not balance himself.  

Solution 4c

(ii) to get Chuck on his feet.  

Solution 4d

(iv) Hooper was lost in his own grief and pain. 

A Dog Named Duke Exercise 19

Solution 5a

In 1953, Hooper was a favoured young man. He was happily married to Marcy a tiny blonde and had a pet dog by the name of Duke. He wore a big genuine grin on his face that civilized his competitive nature. He was a tall man who was about six feet one in height and played football for the university team. He was a hard charging zone sales manager for a chemical company. Everything was going for him and life was treating him well.






The above line means that Chuck Hooper was doing very well in life. His wife Marcy and dog Duke made up his happy family. His big grin concealed his highly competitive nature. Apart from being a football player for the university team, he was also a very ambitious zone sales manager for a chemical company.


Solution 5b

i) In the line, 'they' are some men from Chuck's chemical company who came to visit him in hospital.

ii) Hooper had met with an accident and was critically ill suffering from a subdural haemorrhage. He remained on the critical list for a month. After five weeks when the men from his office came to visit him, they told him that they would create a desk job for him at headquarters because they knew his left side was completely paralyzed and he would not be able to move around.


Solution 5c

Duke was a four year old rough-playing Doberman Pinscher who weighed 23 kilos. His coat was red with a fawn vest. When Chuck was in hospital due to the accident, Duke was kept in a kennel. But once he returned home, they decided to bring Duke home too. On seeing his master, he could not control himself. He leaped on Chuck and he hit him above the belt causing Chuck to fight to keep his balance. The sensitive and alert dog realized immediately the damage he had done and never ever jumped on Chuck again. From that moment he took up a post beside his master's bed and stayed there round the clock.

He soon became the main force responsible for Chuck's recovery. He would stalk to the bed, poke his pointed nose under Chuck's elbow and lift it. He would nudge, needle and snort at him. He kept doing this at regular intervals. One evening, Chuck's good hand idly hooked the leash on to Duke's collar to keep him still. That was sufficient encouragement for Duke and before he knew it Chuck was taking his first steps with Marcy's help. Now Duke was determined to make Chuck walk .They soon increased the number of steps and to the amazement of the neighbours and the encouragement and determination of the dog they were doing two trips a day. From one hour of work a day he was soon doing a full day's work. This was only because of Duke who pulled him along the streets faster and faster increasing his stability and endurance. Even when he fell Duke would wait patiently as if he knew that his job was to get him back on his feet. Thanks to the intelligence and perseverance of Duke, Chuck was back to leading a normal life again.

Solution 5d

Chucks moving back to the company's headquarters presented several tough problems. Looking at the way he had fought to get back to his normal life, no one had the heart to tell him that he would not be able to handle his old job. Yet it was impossible to work as a salesman if you can't move about and can work for just one hour in a day.


Solution 5e

When Chuck returned from hospital, he was very depressed.

Duke coming home however, brought a new ray of hope into his life. Duke was a dog with exceptional intelligence. The moment he realized his master was suffering from some ailment he never jumped on him again.

Chuck's good hand idly hooking the leash on to Duke's collar and Duke's encouragement led to Chuck taking his first steps. It was neither physiotherapy nor any drug, but Duke's determination that was responsible for getting Chuck back on his feet.

 On January 4th, Chuck walked the 200 metres to the local branch of his company. He targeted March 1st as the day he would put in a full day's work.  With no time for physiotherapy he turned completely to Duke who pulled him along the street increasing his stability and endurance. If ever Chuck tripped and fell, Duke stood patiently till he was back on his feet. Thirteen months from the moment he worked full days, Chuck was promoted to regional manager of more than four states. Sometime later, when Charles Hooper was appointed Assistant National Sales Manager, he considered it as a tribute to Duke.


Solution 6



June 1 

News spread that Hooper and Duke had made it to an intersection 

January 4 

Hooper walked independently from the clinic to the branch office 

March 1 

Hooper planned to start a full day's work at office 

October 12 

Duke met with a fatal accident


Solution 7

This is a group discussion. Students can put forward their own views and perspectives.



Some guidelines:






He was a man of immense courage. Even after he met with a near fatal accident that completely paralyzed his left side, he did not give up on life. His dog Duke helped him adapt to this new situation. 






In his struggle to take his first steps and get back on his feet again, he displayed great perseverance. He was unflinching in his resolve, taking one step at a time, all along encouraged and guided by Duke. His perseverance was rewarded as he progressed from moving a few steps to finally walking 200 meters on his own to the branch office of his company.






Sometimes, especially while walking home at night in the dark, Chuck would lose his balance and fall. Hooper never gave up. He would struggle and get up again. His own endurance and the patience and guidance of Duke kept him going.






Once he was back in the company's headquarters, he had to face several problems. It is practically impossible for a man to work as a Salesman when he can't move around and is able to work for just an hour a day. Hooper, a man full of determination, set targets and deadlines for himself. With no time for physiotherapy and with only the help of his faithful dog Duke, he managed to overcome all the obstacles he was fraught with.






Hooper was a man who had great faith in himself and his own capabilities. He also had great faith in his one and only friend who stood by him at every step of the way-his dog Duke. For a man who was critically ill and completely paralyzed on his left side, to make a comeback and be appointed Assistant National Sales Manager is commendable. Chuck Hooper had grit and faith in his own abilities.


A Dog Named Duke Exercise 20

Solution 8a



Name of the Brave-heart

Place they belong to 

Reason for Award 


Saumik Mishra 


Uttar Pradesh 


foiled theft 




Prachi Santosh Sen 

Madhya Pradesh


saved a child 




Kavita Kanwar 




Saved 3 inmates caught in a kitchen fire



Asu Kanwar



dodged marriage to 40 year old 



Rahul-balloon seller 

Delhi/National Capital 

Identified the men who planted bombs


M. Marudu Pandi 

'Tamil Nadu 

averted rail disaster 



Solution 8b


Name of the Brave-heart

Place they belong to 

Reason for Award 


Gagan and Bhoomika


saved a baby caught in bull fight 


Silver Kharbani 


Saved cousin trapped in fire


Yumkhaibam Addison Singh 


saved an eight year old from drowning 


Vishal Suryaji Patil 

Uttar Pradesh 

saved people from drowning 


Manish Bansal 


helped nab armed miscreants 


Kritika Jhanwar 


fought off robbers 


A Dog Named Duke Exercise 21

Solution 9

This answer requires the students own views and perspective on the topic "Coping with loss".

Some guidelines:


  • It is impossible to understand the initial suffering and pain that one has to go through when one has to cope with loss.

  • From being a healthy, able bodied person to being reduced to a paralyzed cripple, through no fault of your own, is something extremely difficult to accept.

  • Along with the physical pain, come feelings of despair, helplessness, anguish and anger.

  • There are other types of losses: the loss of a loved one or a pet. Coping with loss is one of the most difficult things to do; the grief is intense especially if you loved the person very much.

  • But it is a part of life, and come what may, we have to accept it.

  • You cannot give up, but have you to find ways of enduring it.

  • Grieve as much as you want, but don't give into your grief.

  • Never stay in isolation.- This could lead to dangerous and desperate thoughts. Sometimes they can even lead to suicide.

  • In the beginning, it is okay to grieve openly;-don't try to feign bravery and hide your sorrow from yourself or from others.

  • Recollecting good memories can help you cope.

  • Turn to your friends for emotional support or talk to a counselor. Be patient as time is the greatest healer.

  • Faith in yourself will help you pull through any situation in life however difficult and impossible it may seem.
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