NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Chapter 9 - The Bond of Love

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Chapter 9 - The Bond of Love 119

Solution 1
(i)An Orphaned Cub - para 3
(ii) Bruno's Food-chart - para 6
(iii) An Accidental Case of Poisoning -para 8
(iv) Playful Baba - para 12
(v) Pain of Separation - para 14
(vi) Joy of Reunion - para 16
(vii) A Request to the Zoo - para 18
(viii) An Island in the Courtyard - para 21
Solution 2
(i) The narrator said the given statement.
(ii) Here, 'him' refers to the sloth bear and 'her' refers to the narrator's wife.
(iii) About two years ago the narrator and his companions were passing through the sugarcane fields near Mysore. People were driving away the wild pigs from the fields by shooting at them. Suddenly, they saw a black sloth bear. One of the narrator's companions shot it on the spot. As they watched the fallen animal, they were surprised to see that the black fur on its back moved and left the prostrate body. Then they saw that it was a baby bear that had been riding on its mother's back when the sudden shot had killed her. The narrator ran up to it and attempted to capture it but it scooted into the sugarcane field. He followed it and at last grabbed it by the scruff of its neck while it snapped and tried to scratch him with its long, hooked claws. They put it in a gunny-bag and when he got back to Bangalore he presented it to his wife.  This incident is referred to in the above statement.
(i) Here, 'he' refers to the bear Bruno.
(ii) Bruno was delighted to see the narrator's wife. He was sad and refused food given at the zoo, but was happy and recognized her even when she was some yards away. He howled with happiness. When she ran up to him and petted him through the bars, he stood on his head in delight.
(i) Here, 'we all' stands for the narrator, his wife and his son.
(ii) They missed Bruno (Baba).
(iii) They felt relieved because Baba was getting too big to be kept at home. Besides because of the tenants’ children, poor Bruno, or Baba, had to be kept chained most of the time? That is why they sent him off to a zoo.
Solution 3
1. Bruno ate some poison-barium carbonate meant for rats. Paralysed and unable to stand on its feet he was rushed to the vet's residence, where he was finally cured.
Later, he drank nearly a gallon of old engine oil. However, he remained unaffected.
2. Yes, Bruno was a loving and playful pet. Everybody in the family was attached to him, especially the narrator's wife. He had to be sent away to a zoo because he was getting too big to be kept at home.
3. Bruno was not happy at the zoo. Seeing his condition and his happiness at seeing the narrator's wife, Bruno was allowed to go back to Bangalore. There, an island was made for the bear, keeping all his needs in mind.

Chapter 9 - The Bond of Love 120

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Chapter 9 - The Bond of Love 121

Solution 1
1. (i) The vet and I made a dash back to the car. Bruno was still floundering about on his stumps, but clearly he was weakening rapidly. There was some vomiting and heavy breathing. His flanks were heaving and his mouth was gaping.
Everybody was asked to hold him. The hypodermic medicine went into Bruno, who squealed. 10 c.c. of anecdote entered his system without a drop being wasted. Even ten minutes later, the condition was unchanged. Another 10 c.c. was injected into him. Ten minutes later, his breathing became less stertorous. Bruno could move his arms and legs a little although he could not stand yet. Thirty minutes later, Bruno got up and had a great feed. He looked at us disdainfully, as much as to say, 'What's barium carbonate to a big black bear like me?' Bruno was still eating.
2. We thought that everything was over when suddenly a black sloth bear came out panting in the hot sun. Now I will not shoot a sloth-bear wantonly but, unfortunately for the poor beast, one of my companions did not feel that way about it, and promptly shot the bear on the spot.
(a) Rana does her homework carefully.
(b) It rains heavily in Mumbai in June.
(c) He does his work properly.
(d) The dog serves his master faithfully.
(a) We should never get down from a moving train.
(b) I was badly in need of support after my poor performance.
(c) Rita met with an accident. The doctor examined her immediately.
3. It was a cold winter's day, and an ant was bringing out some grains of corn from her home. She had gathered the corn in summer. She wanted to dry them. A grasshopper, who was very hungry, saw her and said, "When did you get the corn? I am dying of hunger." "I collected it in summer," said the ant. "What were you doing in summer? Why did you not store some corn?" The grasshopper replied, "I was too busy."  "What were you doing?" asked the  ant  again.  'I was singing all day," answered the grasshopper. 'If you sang all summer," said the ant, "you can dance all winter."