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Class 9 NCERT Solutions English Chapter 10 - A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal [Poem]

A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal [Poem] Exercise 136

Solution 1

The poet tells us that since his loved one's death, a slumber has numbed him and prevented him from facing the reality. 

He does not feel bitter grief as his dreamlike state has kept him away from any human fears.

Instead, he feels a sense of peace. He has realised that after being buried in the earth, she has now become a part of nature and the diurnal cycle of the earth. She is therefore free from all earthly trials.

Solution 2

The line which tell us that the passing of time will no longer affect her is  "She seems a thing that could not feel

The touch of earthly years."

Solution 3

The poet does not imagine her to be living in 'heaven' after her death.


He is convinced that after being buried in the earth, she has become a part of nature. She no longer has any human qualities. She is unable to move on her own and has no force. She is neither able to hear nor able see like other humans.


Instead, she has become a part of the day to day course of the earth and will move around with it like the rocks, stones, trees. In other words, she has become an integral part of nature.


The lines of the poem which reflect this are "Rolled round in earth's diurnal course

With rocks and stones and trees."


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