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Class 9 NCERT Solutions Civics Chapter 3 - Electoral Politics

Electoral Politics Exercise 52

Solution 1

a. Elections enable people to evaluate the performance of the judiciary.

Solution 2

a. India has the largest number of voters in the world.

Solution 3


1. It is necessary to keep the voters' list up to date because

iv. Some people may have moved away from the area where they voted last

2. Some constituencies are reserved for SCs and STs so that

i. There is a fair representation of all sections of our society

3. Everyone has one and only one vote so that

ii. Everyone has equal  opportunity to elect their representative

4. Party in power is not allowed to use government vehicles because

iii. All candidates must have a fair chance of competing in elections

Electoral Politics Exercise 53

Solution 4

  1. Making voters' list
  2. Announcing the election schedule
  3. Filing nomination
  4. Releasing election manifestos
  5. Election campaign
  6. Casting of votes
  7. Ordering a re-poll
  8. Counting of votes
  9. Declaration of election results

Solution 5

a. Election campaign: She should ensure the following actions are taken:

 i. Elections are conducted in a fair and peaceful manner.

 ii. Expenditure limit is not crossed by the candidate.

 iii. Muscle power is not used to threaten people to cast their votes against a particular party.

 iv. Bribery is not used to influence voters.

 v. Government resources are not used or any kinds of misuse of government machines do not take place.

 vi. There should be no invoking candidates on the basis of religion or caste during canvassing.

 vii. No places of worship have been used for election propaganda by the various parties or candidates.

viii. There is no distribution of money or other materials such as saris, sewing machines and food grains among the voters. 

b. Polling Day: She should focus on ensuring the following

 i. Peaceful polling takes place.

 ii. There is no capturing of polling booth.

 iii. No canvassing is allowed within the premises of the booth.

 iv. No fake or bogus are cast.

 v. Weaker and poorer sections are able to cast their vote freely and without fear.

c. Counting Day: She should see to it that

 i. Counting is done in a systematic and peaceful manner.

 ii. No unauthorised person except the counting agents of the candidates is allowed to enter the counting centre.

 iii. The candidates and political parties are kept away from the voting machine during the counting.

 iv. After counting, the results are declared by the authorised official.  

Solution 6

Based on the given table, the Hispanic community should be provided with reservation in the House of Representatives. This is because the reservation provided to them is much less compared to their population. However, the whites should not be provided with reservations as they are already over-represented in proportion to their population in the country.

Solution 7

  1. The statement given here is wrong. Election Commission of India (EC) is very powerful and can conduct free and fair elections in the country. The Constitution has entrusted the EC with the responsibility to conduct free and fair elections. Moreover, the EC has the right to re-conduct the elections in case unfair means are used during elections. In addition, it can also punish a party or a candidate if found to be violating the code of conduct for elections.
  2. It is true. In our country, a higher level of voter participation in elections is observed because now-a-days people have become more aware of the importance of voting. In addition, they have realised that through elections that they can bring about much needed change required in the country.
  3. The statement given is not correct. It is not at all easy for the party in power to win elections because the anti-incumbency factor always works against it. Because no party in power is able to fulfill all the promises made to the people during the last elections, a large number of voters turn against it and try to change the government.
  4. The statement given is correct. Though the role of money and muscle power has been reduced tremendously, there is a need to control it further. There are many political parties that take advantage of money to win in elections. Moreover, many candidates having criminal records utilise their strength to threaten candidates to vote in their favour.

Solution 8

The Court's decision of preventing Chinappa and Satbir from contenting elections did not go against the principles of democratic elections because both of them were guilty of committing offenses and violating laws. Moreover, the law provides that a person who has been convicted by a court cannot fight election. Thus, they should not be allowed to hold any position of power.

Solution 9

  1. To make sure that votes are counted in a fair manner, a representative of each candidate should be present. Moreover, if it is proved that malpractice has taken place, then the election should be declared null and void and re-elections should be held. The officer in-charge of the counting should be given strict punishment for committing such wrongdoing.
  2. This definitely indicates electoral malpractice. An enquiry should be set up and the candidate responsible for this malpractice should be debarred from contesting any elections.
  3. US too should follow the procedure of having a single Election Commission. It should be free from any political influence and be made responsible for conducting elections throughout the country.

Electoral Politics Exercise 54

Solution 10

  1. With the announcement of elections, the code of conduct comes into force. According to the model code of conduct, after elections are announced, ministers are not allowed to lay foundation stones of any project or take any major policy decision or make any promise of providing public facilities. Therefore, the minister should be stopped from making such promises.
  2. All parties are entitled to get adequate time to express their views on Doordarshan and All India Radio. This has already been done by the Election Commission and time is fixed for different political parties.
  3. The electoral rolls of that state should be fully revised and names of all the fake voters should be removed from the voter's list.
  4. This is also a malpractice adopted by certain candidate and even by political parties during the elections. Movement of people with guns and other arms should be strictly banned and anyone following it should be arrested and punished. The candidates must be provided with security by the state and steps should be taken to ensure that meeting of other parties are not disturbed or attacked.

Solution 11

  1. This statement is wrong because we practise the policy of secret ballot; it is not possible to tell who votes for whom. Also, Ramesh's father is being biased towards women as he is denying women their right to vote as they like. Moreover, the Constitution has also promised equality and no discrimination based on gender.
  2. Even though party politics creates tension in society, there is no option. In places where the population is very large, it is not possible to have consensus on election. Moreover, competition works as both deterrent and motivator for political candidates. A fear of losing the election and a motivation for winning the elections works in favour of people.
  3. It is not necessary that only a graduate can understand the mood of people and be a good leader and administrator. Moreover, given the very low percentage of graduates in India, allowing only graduates to contest elections would deprive majority of the citizens the right to contest elections.
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