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Class 9 NCERT Solutions Civics Chapter 6 - Democratic Rights

Feel motivated to study concepts through self-learning with the support of NCERT Solutions for CBSE Class 9 Civics Chapter 6 Democratic Rights. In this chapter, learn about the fundamental rights that you can enjoy as a citizen of a democratic nation. Get clarity on the rights related to untouchability, freedom of speech, discrimination, child labour etc.

Also, study the concept of Public Interest Litigation (PIL) through TopperLearning’s NCERT textbook solutions according to the CBSE Class 9 syllabus. To prepare for your school exams, you can revise important topics from our Civics solutions and other online study materials.

Democratic Rights Exercise 111

Solution 1

d. Parents' property is inherited by their children

Solution 2

b. Freedom to participate in armed revolution

Solution 3

c. Right to protect one's culture

Solution 4

  1. Right to Freedom of Religion
  2. Right to Freedom
  3. Right to Equality
  4. Right against Exploitation

Solution 5

The most valid statement is (a). This is because every country that is democratic is a system wherein the government is elected by the people. Therefore, it is essential for it to provide rights to its citizens.

Solution 6

  1. This statement is justified as the citizens are protected from loss of life or property.
  2. This statement is not justified as it infringes on the right to freedom of citizens from other parts of the country.
  3. This statement is not justified as it violates the right to freedom of speech and expression,

Solution 7

In this case, the Right to Freedom and Right to Equality are being violated.



The District Collector,

 ABC District

         Sub: Redressal required for violation of my Right to Equality 

Dear Sir/Madam,

I, XYZ wished to inform you that my admission for pursuing a course leading to the MBA degree in a college in your district has been refused. It was done by a clerk of the college who remarked that "You, the son of a sweeper, wish to be a manager! Has anyone done this job in your community? Go to the municipality office and apply for a sweeper's position". This is a total violation of my rights and it is unfair. I am fully qualified to apply for the course having completed my graduation.

 Kindly look into the matter at the earliest.

  Thanking You,



Democratic Rights Exercise 112

Solution 8

In this dispute, Madhurima is correct. She is entitled to right to equality and therefore she can choose to use either her maiden name or her husband's surname. Forcing her to use to her husband's surname will result in infringement of her right.

Solution 9

As the answers may vary, please attempt this question on your own with the help of your subject teacher or elders.

Solution 10


 To make it simple the answer is provided in the following manner: