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Class 8 NCERT Solutions Geography Chapter 1 - Resources

Resources Exercise 5

Solution 3

The poet in the above lines is refereeing to 'water' as a resource.

Water is the most important resource on the earth. Without water no living being will be able to survive. Vegetation cover will disappear, humans and animals will eventually die because of the lack of water. Earth will no longer appear as a green and a blue planet. It will be a hot ball of gases and without any life on it.

Solution 1

(i) The resources are distributed unequally over earth because the distribution depends on a variety of physical factors such as like terrain, climate and altitude. Also, all these factors are not same everywhere and vary from place to place on the earth. Moreover, the level of development and technological levels determine the distribution.

(ii) Resource conservation means using resources carefully and giving them time to get renewed. This needs to be done because the resources are limited and exhaustible.

(iii) Human resources are important because they can make the best uses of nature to create more resources. Also, the development of other resources solely depend upon human resources as they do so by applying knowledge, skill and technology.

(iv) Balancing the need to use resources and also conserve them for the future is called sustainable development. In simpler words, it means carefully utilization of resources so that not only it meets the present requirements but also takes care of the need of future generations. 

Solution 2

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