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Class 8 NCERT Solutions English Chapter 6 - The Fight

The Fight Exercise 49

Solution 1

The forest pool is different from the one which Ranji knew in Rajputana desert because the water in the forest pool had a gentle translucency, and smooth round pebbles could be seen at the bottom. A small stream emerged from a cluster of rocks to feed the pool. Although in summer the stream was only a trickle, the rocks held the water in the pool and it did not dry up like the pools in the plains. The pool in the Rajputana desert however was sticky and muddy where buffaloes wallowed and women washed clothes.

Solution 2

(i) The boy expected Ranji to be scared of his looks, stares and hostile manner and give him a reason why he was there, then apologize to him for using his pool and leave the pool immediately.

(ii) In my opinion he was wrong to ask this question as the pool was a forest pool and did not belong to anybody and so all were free to use it.

Solution 3

Between Ranji and the other boy, the other boy is trying to start the quarrel because the moment he saw Ranji he stared at him in a rather hostile manner. He then told Ranji that the pool was his and he did not invite him there. He strode up to Ranji and planting his broad feet firmly on the sand informed him that he was a warrior and did not take replies from villagers like him. Unable to frighten Ranji he told him that he would have to beat him if he did not run away.

Solution 4

(i) Even after five minutes of frenzied, unscientific struggle neither boy emerged victorious, their bodies were heaving with exhaustion, they stood back from each other thus making tremendous efforts to speak. The stranger then asked Ranji if he realized now that he was the warrior. Ranji in turn questioned the stranger if he knew that he was a fighter. When both refused to leave the pool the other boy said they would have to continue the fight.

(ii) No, the fight did not continue because neither boy moved or took the initiative. The warrior then decided that they would continue the fight the next day and Ranji agreed to come. They then turned from each other went to their respective rocks, put on their clothes and left the forest by different routes.

The Fight Exercise 53

Solution 1

Ranji found it difficult to explain the cuts and bruises that showed on his face, leg and arms. It was difficult to conceal the fact that he had been in an unusually violent fight.

Solution 2

(i) Ranji sees his adversary in the bazaar. His first impulse was to turn away and look elsewhere his second was to throw the lemonade bottle at his enemy.

(ii) He actually stood his ground and scowled at his passing adversary. He probably did not want to start another fight in the bazaar.

Solution 3

Ranji is not at all eager for a second fight because he felt weak and lazy and his body was stiff and sore after the previous day's encounter. He went back to the pool because he could not refuse the challenge. Had he not turned up at the pool it would be an acknowledgement of defeat. From the way he felt at that time he knew he would be beaten in another fight, but he could not acquiesce in his defeat. He had to defy his enemy to the last, or outwit him, for only then could he gain his respect. If he surrendered, he would be beaten for all time, but to fight and be beaten left him free to fight and be beaten again. As long as he fought, he had a right to the pool in the forest.

The Fight Exercise 54

Solution 4

Ranji was a better swimmer because he could swim the length of the pool a dozen times without tiring. He dived straight into the water cutting through it like a knife and surfaced with hardly a splash. He was an excellent under water swimmer. The warrior however could not dive but jumped straight in and landed on his belly with a crash.


Solution 5

The warrior was surprised to see that Ranji dived straight into the water, cutting through it like a knife and surfaced with hardly a splash.

Solution 6

When the warrior challenged Ranji to swim across the pool and fight him on the other side Ranji dived straight into the water, cutting through it like a knife and surfaced with hardly a splash. The warrior was impressed as he himself did not know how to dive and jumped straight into the water landing flat on his belly with a crash. He also found that Ranji could swim underwater while he couldn’t. They talked a while and Ranji promised to teach him how to swim. Suraj in turn said he would make Ranji into a pahelwan like himself. Instead of continuing the fight at the pool they had become friends.

Solution 7

Ranji's superiority over the other boy was obvious. He was a good diving, sense of humour, swimming under water, willingness to help.

Solution 8

The two adversaries turned into good friends in a matter of minutes because each had started to admire certain qualities in the other which were lacking in themselves. The moment the other boy Suraj saw what a good diver and under water swimmer Ranji was he forgot about the fight and asked him if he would teach him how to swim. Ranji willingly agreed. Ranji in turn had a hard, thin, bony body and so admired Suraj’s strong body. Suraj promised to give him good food and milk every day and make him into a pahelwan. They were now good friends.

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