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Class 8 NCERT Solutions English Chapter 2 - The Tsunami

The Tsunami Exercise 27

Solution 1

1. True

2. False

Sanjeev was swept away when he jumped into the water to rescue the wife of the guesthouse cook.
3. False

Meghna saw relief helicopters overhead, but they did not see her. She was brought to the shore by a wave.
4. True

5. True

The Tsunami Exercise 28

Solution 1

Tilly’s family came to Thailand from South East England to celebrate Christmas at a beach resort.

Solution 2

Both Tilly and her mother saw the sea rising and swelling up and coming in. The beach kept getting smaller and smaller.

Solution 3

Tilly’s mother could not understand what was happening and only realised that it was serious when Tilly got frightened and started to scream and mentioned what a Tsunami was.

Solution 4

When Tilly saw the sea slowly rise and start to foam, bubble and form whirl pools she remembered that she had seen the sea behaving in the same strange fashion in a video of a tsunami (shown in her geography class) which had hit the Hawaiian Islands in 1946.Her geography teacher had explained that tsunamis can be caused by earthquakes, volcanoes and landslides and so she was very frightened.

The Tsunami Exercise 29

Solution 5

The Smith family and the others on the beach took refuge on the third floor of a hotel.

Solution 6

Tilly’s geography teacher must have felt proud of her as she had made use of what she had learnt in class and used both her knowledge and presence of mind to help save so many lives in the tsunami.

The Tsunami Exercise 30

Solution I - 1

Not many animals died in the tsunami that killed about 150,000 people.

Solution I - 2

Sixty visitors were washed away from the Patanangala beach inside the park but only two water buffaloes died at the Yala National Park.

Solution I - 3

The people at the Yala National Park had seen three elephants running away from the Patanangala beach about an hour before the tsunami hit.

Solution I - 4

On the day of the tsunami the two dogs at Galle who were usually excited to go out for their daily run on the beach refused to go out.

Solution 1

No, Ignesious did not suspect a tsunami when he felt the tremors. He took his television set and placed on the ground so that it would not fall and break. This shows that he was not worried about the tsunami immediately. Otherwise, he would have rushed out of the house at the first instant.  The sentence in the text which shows that the Ignesious family did not have any time to discuss and plan their course of action after the tsunami struck is: ‘in the chaos and confusion, two of his children caught hold of the hands of their mother’s father and mother’s brother, and rushed in the opposite direction. His wife also was swept away.’

Solution 2

The words that would describe Sanjeev are brave, heroic, and selfless. (i) don't know if Sanjeev was cheerful, ambitious or humorous. (ii) I think that he was very brave, heroic and selfless. (iii) Sanjeev was not heartless, brash or careless.

Solution 3

Both Meghna’s and Almas’ families were washed away. Both of them kept floating in the sea for days. Meghna floated in the sea for two days holding on to a wooden door. She was brought to the shore by a wave. Similarly, Alma climbed on to a log of wood and fainted. She woke up in a hospital. Both the girls were traumatised after the incident. While Meghna was seen walking on the seashore in a daze, Alma does not talk about the incident to anyone.

The Tsunami Exercise 31

Solution 1

fast movement    

slow movement    

neither slow nor fast






















Washed away



The 'fast movement' column has many more words as compared to the other two
columns. This is because the story is about a tsunami, which is a fast movement of water. It is a very large and powerful wave caused by an earthquake under the sea which results in large movements of water. Due to the tsunami, all the immediate actions have to be fast, and extremely rapid such as running, climbing and rushing. The movement of the waters too are extremely fast like hitting, washing away, and sweeping away of people by water.

Solution 2

(i) The earth trembled, but not many people felt the trembling.
(ii)  When the zoo was flooded, there was a lot of confusion and many animals escaped into the countryside.
(iii) We heard with relief that the lion had been recaptured.
(iv)  The zookeeper was stuck in a tree and his rescue was filmed by the TV crew.
(v)  There was much  excitement  in  the village when  the snake  charmer came visiting.

Solution 3

(i) Someone stole my bicycle.__A__
(ii) The tyres were deflated by the traffic police.__P__
(iii) I found it last night in a ditch near my house.__A__
(iv) It had been thrown there.__P__
(v) My father gave it to the mechanic.__A__
(vi) The mechanic repaired it for me.__A__

Solution 4

Not taking her seriously, Tilly’s parents could have tried to calm her down thinking that she had been frightened by something. As a result, they could have been washed away by the tsunami waves. If I were in their place, I too would have listened to her and realised that there was a danger approaching. Consequently, I too would have raised an alarm, screamed out to my family and the other tourists warning them of the approaching danger and rushed away from the beach.

Solution 5

If Tilly’s award was to be shared, she should share it with her geography teacher who made her aware of the tsunami in the first place. It was this awareness that helped her save her life, the lives of her family members and so many other lives.

Solution 6

Many people believe that animals possess a sixth sense and know when the earth is going to shake. On the other hand, some experts believe that animals’ more acute hearing helps them hear or feel the earth’s vibrations. They can sense an approaching disaster long before humans can realise it. This second idea is more believable.

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