NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Science Chapter 3 - Fibre to Fabric

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Chapter 3 - Fibre to Fabric Exercise 32

Solution 1
(a) Wool is obtained from the hairy fibres (hair) of the sheep.
(b) White fleece of the lamb refers to the white coloured hair of the lamb
Solution 2

(iii) both a and b

Concept insight: Caterpillar is the larva of silkworm.

Solution 3
(iv) Woolly dog
Solution 4
(i) Rearing: Rearing is raising livestock like goat, cows, sheep etc for commercial purpose by taking them out in herds for grazing ,  feeding them on a mixture of pulses, corn, jowar, oil cakes (material left after taking out oil from seeds) and minerals for better growth and yield of produce like meat, milk, wool.
(ii) Shearing: It is the process of removal of fleece along with a thin layer of skin from the body of sheep.
(ii) Sericulture: Sericulture refers to the rearing of silkworms to obtain silk.
Solution 5
Shearing, __scouring__, sorting, __picking of burrs__, __dyeing of fibres__, making of yarn.
Solution 6
Solution 7
Sericulture and moriculture
Solution 8


Column I


Column II




Cleaning sheared skin


Mulberry leaves


Food of silk worm




Wool yielding animal




Yields silk fibres

Chapter 3 - Fibre to Fabric Exercise 33

Solution 1

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