NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Geography Chapter 9 - Life in the Temperate Grasslands

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Chapter 9 - Life in the Temperate Grasslands Exercise 70

Solution 1

(i) The temperate grasslands of North America are known as the ‘Prairies’.

(ii) The cattle farms in the North American grasslands are called ‘ranches’.

(iii) The Velds are drained by the rivers Orange and the Limpopo .

(iv) In the Velds, the rainy season lasts from the month of November to the month of February.

(v) The main occupation of the inhabitants of South African grasslands is sheep rearing. Dairy farming and mining are also practiced.

Solution 2


(i) – (c) USA

(ii) – (b) Velds

(iii) – (c) Sheep

(iv) – (a) Diamonds


Solution 3

(i) - (b) Prairies

(ii) - (e) Johannesburg

(iii) -(f) Animal

(iv) -  (c) Hot wind

(v) - (a) Iron and steel

Solution 4

(i) The farmers in the Prairies have adopted modern methods of cultivation and advanced equipment like tractors, combines and harvesters. This has resulted in this area become a surplus producer, especially of wheat. Therefore the Prairies are known as the ‘Granaries of the World’.

(ii) Sheep rearing is the most important occupation in the Velds. The terrain and the atmosphere are conducive for the production of wool. Therefore, a thriving wool industry has developed in the Velds.

Solution 5


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