NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Chapter 4 - The Ashes That Made Trees Bloom

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Chapter 4 - The Ashes That Made Trees Bloom Exercise 60

Solution 1
Hearing of the old couple’s good luck and how the dog was responsible for finding them their treasure, the neighbours coaxed it into their garden and fed it but the dog was too scared to eat or move. They then dragged the dog around their garden hoping he would find a treasure for them too. When the dog stopped near a pine tree and started scratching the ground, they dug happily hoping to find a treasure. When they saw that there was nothing in there except a dead, smelling kitten, they became furious at the dog. They kicked it and beat it to death. They killed the dog because it did not help them find a treasure.
Solution 2
(i) The old farmer and his wife loved the dog as if it was their own baby.
(ii) When the old couple became rich, they lived comfortably and were generous towards their poor neighbours.
(iii) The greedy couple borrowed the mill and the mortar to make a pile of gold.

Chapter 4 - The Ashes That Made Trees Bloom Exercise 63

Solution 3
(i) The spirit of the dog asked the farmer to cut down the pine tree over its grave, and make from it a mortar for rice pastry and a mill for bean sauce. The farmer did so. Some time close to the New Year, the farmer wanted to make some rice pastry. When the rice was boiled, his wife put it into the mortar and he pounded the mass into dough. When the pastry was ready for baking, the whole mass turned into a heap of gold coins. Similarly, when beans were ground in the hand-mill, gold started dropping from it like rain and in a few minutes, the tub under the mill was filled with a shining mass of gold.
(ii) Informing the farmer about how his wicked neighbours had burned the hand-mill, the spirit of the dog asked him to take the ashes of the mill and sprinkle them on withered trees to make them bloom. The old man went to the couple’s home and collected a basket of ashes and found to his delight that the words of the spirit were indeed true. The bare cherry tree in his garden sprouted blossoms when a pinch of the ashes were sprinkled on it. Later, he was rewarded by the daimio for making an old withered cherry tree blossom once again.
Solution 1
The old farmer was a kind person. He loved his dog as if it was his own baby. He fed it with fish with his own chopsticks and all the boiled rice it wanted. He was patient and kind to everything that had life, and often dug up a sod on purpose to give food to the birds.
Solution 2
The dog came running to the farmer, putting its paws against his legs and motioning with its head to some spot behind. He thought it was only playing and did not mind it. However, the dog kept on whining and running to and fro for some minutes. Then the farmer followed it a few yards to a place where it began scratching the ground. The farmer thought there was a bone or a bit of fish buried there and therefore, struck his hoe in the earth. However, what he found was a pile of gold.

Chapter 4 - The Ashes That Made Trees Bloom Exercise 64

Solution 4
The daimio rewarded the farmer for making an old withered cherry tree blossom once again. Like the farmer, his greedy neighbour also sprinkled ashes over a withered cherry tree. However, the result this time was different. The tree did not blossom, instead the wind blew the fine dust into the noses and eyes of the daimio and his wife. The sneezing and choking that followed spoiled all the pomp and dignity of the procession. This was the reason why the greedy neighbour was punished.

Chapter 4 - The Ashes That Made Trees Bloom Exercise 65

Solution 1
(i) Where is Anil?
(ii) Where is Anil sitting?
(iii) What is Anil doing?
(iv) Where is Anil's friend sitting?
(v) Who is writing on the blackboard?
(vi) What are some children doing?
Solution 2
NEHA: When did you get this book?
SHEELA: Yesterday morning.
NEHA: Why is your sister crying?
SHEELA: Because she has lost her doll.
NEHA: Whose room is this, yours or hers?
SHEELA: It's ours.
NEHA: How do you go to school?
SHEELA: We walk to school. It is near by.
Solution 3
(i) My friend lost his chemistry book. Now he doesn't know what to do and where to look for it.
(ii) There are so many toys in the shops. Neena can't decide which one to buy.
(iii) You don't know the way to my school. Ask the policeman how to get there.
(iv) You should decide soon where to start building your house.
(v) Do you know how to ride a bicycle? I don't remember when and where I learnt it.
(vi) "You should know when to talk and when to keep your mouth shut," the teacher advised Anil.

Chapter 4 - The Ashes That Made Trees Bloom Exercise 66

Solution 4
(i) The project appears impossible at first sight but it can be completed if we work very hard.
(ii) He is incompetent. That's why he can't keep any job for more than a year.
(iii) "Don't be impatient. Your letter will come one day," the postman told me.
(iv) That's an improper remark to make under the circumstances.
(v) He appears to be insensitive. In fact, he is very emotional.
Solution 5
There was once a play which became very successful. A famous actor was acting in it. In the play his role was that of an aristocrat who had been imprisoned in a castle for twenty years. In the last act of the play someone would come on the stage with a letter which he would hand over to the prisoner. Even though the aristocrat was not expected to read the letter at each performance, he always insisted that the letter be written out from beginning to end.

Chapter 4 - The Ashes That Made Trees Bloom Exercise 67

Solution 6
A : Would you like an apple or a banana?
B : I'd like an apple, please.
A : Take the red one in the fruit bowl. You may take an orange also, if you like.
B : Which one?
A : The one beside the banana.