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Class 7 NCERT Solutions English Chapter 1 - The Tiny Teacher

The Tiny Teacher Exercise 3

Solution 1

(ii) too remarkable to be true.

Solution 2

(i) commonest, but the wisest insect.

(ii) people have kept ants as pets, and have watched their daily behaviour closely.

Solution 3

An ant's life is peaceful because each does its share of work intelligently and bravely, and never fights with other members of the group.

The Tiny Teacher Exercise 5

Solution 1

It takes two or three weeks for a grub to become a cocoon. About three weeks later the cocoon breaks and a complete ant appears.

Solution 2

The worker ants carry the grubs about daily for airing, exercise and sunshine.

Solution 3

The jobs which the new ants are trained for are workers, soldiers, builders, cleaners, etc.

Solution 4

Some other creatures that live in anthills are - beetles, lesser breeds of ants and the greenfly.

Solution 5

From the “tiny teacher’ we learn to be hard working because they spend most of their time searching for food and do their share of work intelligently and bravely. All ants have a sense of duty and discipline, cleanliness and care for their young ones .This can be observed in the way they teach and train the young ones care for the young ones as soldiers guard them, workers feed and clean them, and also carry them about for airing, exercise and sunshine. No worker, soldier or cleaner will ever harm a grub.

Above all they have a firm loyalty to the land where they live which is what we all humans must learn from them.

The Tiny Teacher Exercise 6

Solution 1

Soldiers live in barracks

And bird in nests ,

Much like a snake that rests

In a hole. No horse is able

To sleep except in a Stable.

And a dog lives well,

Mind you, only in a Kennel.

To say 'hi' to an ant, if you will,

You may have to climb an anthill.

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