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Class 7 NCERT Solutions English Chapter 3 - The Desert

The Desert Exercise 16

Solution 1

(i) Two phrases which describe the desert as most people believe it is “an endless stretch of sand, where no rainfalls and no vegetation grows.” “A place that is dry, hot, waterless and without shelter.”

(ii) Two phrases which describe the desert as specialists see it are “a beautiful place”, “home of a variety of people, animals and plants that have learnt to live under hot and dry conditions.”

Both are apt descriptions as they both describe the desert.

The Desert Exercise 17

Solution 2

(i) an endless stretch of sand ---- nothing but sand as far as one can see

(ii) waterless and without shelter-- no water and no shade

(iii) an oasis -- fertile place with water and plants in a desert

(iv) hidden by a cover of grass -- not visible because the grass is thick


The Desert Exercise 19

Solution 1

Camels can do without water for days together. The reason is they drink a lot of water at one time, and they sweat very little. Since they can stand high body temperature they don’t need to sweat and therefore retain the water they drink for long periods of time.

Solution 2

The smaller desert animals do not drink water. They burrow underground during the hot day and come out at night to eat. Some eat other animals and get the water they need from the moisture in the meat. Others eat plants and seeds and get the water they need from plant juices.

Solution 3

In humid climates, the moisture present in the air acts as a blanket and protects the earth’s surface form the hot rays of the sun. The absence of moisture in desert lands causes the desert to heat up rapidly during the day and to cool off rapidly at night.

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