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Class 7 NCERT Solutions English Chapter 8 - The Bear Story

The Bear Story Exercise 57

Solution 1

Lady had a pet bear whom she found in the forest, half dead of hunger, small and helpless. She brought it up on the bottle.

Solution 2

The bear grew up but he was a most amiable bear because he did not dream of harming anybody, man or beast, looked at the cattle grazing in the field nearby and children used to ride on his back.

Solution 3

The bear had never tasted meat; he ate the same food as the dogs and often out of the same plate. He ate bread, porridge, potato, cabbage, turnip, apples etc. Two things he was not allowed to do were to climb trees and touch beehives.

Solution 4

The bear was tied up with a chain on Sundays when his mistress went to spend the afternoon with her married sister who lived in a solitary house on the other side of the mountain-lake. He was tied as it was not supposed to be good for him to wander about in the forest with all its temptations; it was better to be on the safe side.

Solution 5

One Sunday when the lady was going to her sister's house she had chained him up as usual and was about half-way through the forest when she thought she heard the cracking of a tree-branch on the winding footpath behind her. She looked back and was horrified to see the bear coming along in full speed.

The lady was very angry, she was already late for lunch, there was no time to take him back home, she did not want him to come with her, and, besides, it was very naughty of him to have disobeyed her. She told him in her severest voice to go back at once, menacing him with her parasol.

The bear's reaction was that it stopped a moment and looked at her with his cunning eyes, but did not want to go back and kept on sniffing at her.

Solution 6

Yes, the bear was looking sorry for himself in the evening because the bear was sitting in his usual place outside his kennel. The cook got angry with her mistress because she scolded the bear who had been sitting there quite still on his haunches as meek as an angel, looking the whole time towards the gate for the mistress to come back.

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