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Class 7 NCERT Solutions English Chapter 9 - A Tiger In The House

A Tiger In The House Exercise 60

Solution 1

(iii) Grandfather was the only successful member of the hunting party

Solution 2

(i) Toto climbed up the curtains when he pulled the young tiger by the tail and timothy lost his temper.

(ii) One of Timothy's favourite amusements was to stalk anyone who would play with him, and so, when I came to live with Grandfather, I became one of the tiger's favourites.

(iii) Timothy had clean habits, and would scrub his face with his paws exactly like a cat.


A Tiger In The House Exercise 64

Solution 1

(iii) would one day make a meal of Mahmoud

Solution 2

(iii) Timothy grew less friendly, in fact more dangerous

Solution 3





Solution 4

(ii) a leopard in the next cage would constantly rush at Timothy. 

Solution 5

(iii) smelt fresh food.

A Tiger In The House Exercise 65

Solution 1

The tiger cub was hiding among the intricate roots of a banyan tree when Grandfather found him.

Solution 2

(i) Toto pulled Timothy by the tail to entertain him.

(ii)  When Timothy lost his temper, Toto climbed up the curtains.

Solution 3

In the statement, 'I' is the narrator of the story. Timothy had the habit of stalking anyone who would play with him. When the narrator went to live with Grandfather, he became Timothy's favourite playmate. One of his game was to slowly creep towards the narrator and then suddenly make a dash for his feet, rolling over on his back and kicking with delight, and pretending to bite his ankles.

Solution 4

During the day, Timothy's favourite place in the house was the drawing-room and he was the most comfortable on the long sofa reclining there with great dignity and snarling at anybody who tried to get him off. He slept at night in the cook's quarters.

Solution 5

Grandmother's prophecy about the cook was that one day Timothy would make a meal of Mahmoud and all that would be left behind were his clothes and shoes. It did not come true. However, the tiger had begun to stalk Mahmoud about the house with a villainous intent.

Solution 6

When Timothy was about six months old, a change came over him and he grew less friendly. When he was out for a walk with the narrator, he would try to steal away to stalk a cat or someone's pet dog. Sometimes at night, they would hear frenzied cackling from the poultry house. In the morning, they would find feathers lying all over the verandah. Timothy had to be chained up more often. And finally when it began to stalk Mahmoud about the house with a villainous intent, Grandfather decided it was time to transfer him to a zoo.


Solution 7

Grandfather wanted Timothy to by put in another enclosure as the leopard in the next cage snarled at him and would constantly rush at Timothy. Whenever this happened, the frightened Timothy would slink to a corner.

Solution 8

While he was stroking and slapping Timothy, Grandfather happened to notice the keeper who had been there when Timothy had been brought to the zoo. He was watching grandfather with alarm. When Grandfather asked him to transfer Timothy to another cage, he said that the tiger in the cage was not Timothy. He said that Grandfather's tiger had died two months back because of pneumonia. The tiger that Grandfather mistook to be Timothy was actually a very dangerous tiger that was trapped in the hills the previous month. This was what shocked Grandfather.
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