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Class 7 NCERT Solutions Civics Chapter 6 - Understanding Media

Understanding Media Exercise 73

Solution 1

The media plays an important role in a democracy in the following manner:

● Provides news and information to the citizens and helps them to take actions.

● Reports various criminal activities, scams, frauds, crimes, accidents etc.

● Alerts people on the various diseases, weather, and calamities etc. taking place.

● Gives information regarding government issues.

● Criticises unpopular policies and programmes of the government.

● Brings about social awareness regarding political, economic, social and cultural events.

Solution 2

The diagram can be titled ‘Media–Business House Vicious Circle’.

From the following diagram, we can understand that business houses and the media are in a continuous loop.

  • The first arrow shows that a business house owns the media company.
  • Because the media company is owned by a big business house, various television, radio and news programmes are given to the particular media company.
  • The media company then promotes the various products through advertising and aims that products be bought by consumers.
  • After the viewers, listeners and readers get influenced, they buy the products advertised by the media company.
  • The money then goes back to the big business house.

This is a continuous process where both the media and the big business house earn lots of money. 

Solution 3

Setting the agenda by the media has the following effects on the democracy. They are

  • It influences people by affecting their thinking.
  • It makes people aware of the various issues that are important.
  • It highlights various government-related issues so that important actions can be taken by people.
  • However, it sometimes shows only one side of the story, if the story in any way is in the interest of the business house.

The two examples to support my view are:

  • The controversy of the Commonwealth Games held in Delhi had received widespread media coverage in India as well as at the international level.
  • Display of saving animal life influenced many people to take the matter seriously.
  • Concerns in daily tabloids also receive quick government or police action. 

Solution 4

As the answer may vary, students should choose newspaper articles that catch their interest and accordingly answer the questions that have been asked. Take the help of an elder. 

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