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Class 7 NCERT Solutions Civics Chapter 3 - How the State Government Works

How the State Government Works Exercise 41

Solution 1

An MLA is a Member of a Legislative Assembly. He is a representative elected by the voters of his constituency. In other words, he represents the people of a particular constituency in the Legislative Assembly.

The person is elected in the following manner:

  • Every state in India has a Legislative Assembly.
  • Each state is divided into different areas or constituencies.
  • From each constituency, people elect one representative.
  • This representative who wins with the majority of the votes becomes an MLA.

Solution 2

If a political party has more than 50% of the votes, i.e. has won from more than half the number of constituencies in a state, then it is said to be in a majority. This political party becomes the ruling party of the entire legislature. It then forms the cabinet, and the members of this party become ministers.

Solution 3

Decisions taken by the Chief Minister and other ministers should be debated in the Legislative Assembly because

  • Decisions have to be authorised and supervised by the legislature.
  • MLAs are together responsible for the working of the government, as the decisions taken by one member may not necessarily be beneficial for all.
  • All the important suggestions are incorporated in the final decision.

Solution 4

The problems in Patalpuram were related to

  1. Clean water shortage
  2. Poor sanitation
  3. Spread of diarrhoea
  4. Poor medical facilities

 The discussion/action taken by the following:


Public Meeting: The MLA should take responsibility for the deteriorating healthcare and sanitation conditions.

Legislative Assembly: The MLAs discussed the need for proper sanitation and healthcare facilities. They asked the government about the steps it had taken to ensure the same. However, the ministers tried to prove how the government had taken appropriate steps to control the situation. One minister also blamed the previous government for the problems.

Press Conference: The minister explained the steps taken to improve medical facilities and provided tankers which would supply clean drinking water.

Chief Minister: He promised funds for the measures which the Health Minister suggested. He also said that the problem of garbage would be looked into.

Solution 5

The difference between the work that the MLAs do in the Assembly and the work done by the government is

  • MLAs raise and debate issues and decisions in the Assembly.
  • MLAs want solutions to the problems facing the masses.
  • The government officials and the department implement the decisions made by the Legislative Assembly.