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Class 7 NCERT Solutions Civics Chapter 4 - Growing Up as Boys and Girls

Growing Up as Boys and Girls Exercise 47

Solution 1

a) True. The society in which we live believes that boys and girls have different roles to play and thus are different in a well-defined manner. For example, the Right to Education for women in some countries is barred.

b) False. Our society does distinguish between boys and girls. For example, toys provided to girls are different from those provided to boys. Girls get dolls to play with, while boys have cars to play with. The way of dressing too differs for both boys and girls. The way girls should behave needs to be gentle and graceful, while boys have to be tough.

c) False. Across the world, even after handling the responsibility of housework and care-giving, the work done by women is not recognised as work. This is because it does not add to the household income. Women who stay at home do almost an equal amount of work as compared to their male counterparts. For example, women do household work and work outside; however, work is considered only when done outside.

d) True. It is considered of not much value because it is something that the women do not get paid for. Also, it is assumed that it is something that comes naturally to women. For example, men get paid for the work they do and it is counted as income, while the household work done by women is not. 

Solution 2

The meanings are

Invisible: A state of an object that cannot be seen. Example: The amount of time given by a mother to cook the food for her family.


Physically demanding: It is something that requires hard work to be completed. Example: Cooking and standing for long hours.


Time-consuming: It is something that requires a lot of time to be completed. Example: Cleaning the house takes a lot of time.

Solution 3

List of games and toys



  • Cricket           
  • Badminton
  • Hockey
  • Throw Ball
  • Football
  • Skipping
  • Swimming Kit
  • Kitchen Set
  • Bat and Ball
  • Dolls
  • G. I. Joe figures
  • Washing Kit
  • Airgun
  • Hide and Seek
  • Remote control cars


  • Top


The difference between the two lists is because of

  • The roles that boys and girls have to play after growing up.
  •  The physical features of both of them.
  •  The stamina that they have.

Solution 4

This is a general question and hence should be attempted by you. However, a sample answer has been provided to get you started. Yes, I have a domestic help at my place.

  • Her name is Asha.
  • She has a big family which includes her husband, children and in-laws.
  • She stays in a slum area in Mumbai.
  • She works for 1 hour per day at my home.
  • She is paid Rs 2500 per month.
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