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Class 7 NCERT Solutions Civics Chapter 8 - A Shirt in the Market

A Shirt in the Market Exercise 95

Solution 1

Swapna had to sell her cotton to the trader instead of selling at the Kurnool market because

  • At the beginning of the cropping season, she had taken a loan of 2500/- on a high interest rate to buy seeds, pesticides, fertilisers etc.
  • Also, she was made to promise that she would sell all her cotton to the trader only.

Solution 2

The conditions of employment in the garment exporting factory are as follows:

 Workers are made to work for long hours.

 They are employed on a temporary basis, i.e. if they are not needed, they would be asked to leave.

The conditions of wages:

 It is not regular.

 It is very low.

No, the workers do not get a fair deal because they are made to work very hard; however, they are not appreciated for it. 

Solution 3

Please select any product of your choice and find its chain of market. You could take the help of your teacher. 

Solution 4


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