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Class 6 NCERT Solutions History Chapter 6 - New Questions and Ideas

New Questions and Ideas Exercise 61

Solution 1

Buddha tried to spread the message in the following manner:

  1. He taught in the ordinary language, Prakrit, so that it could be understood by all the people.
  2. He travelled on foot, going from one place to another, teaching people.
  3. His teachings were simple, and so was his life. This set an example for the rest.
  4. He encouraged people to think for themselves instead of just accepting what others told them.

Solution 2

(a) False.

(b) True.

(c) False.

(d) True.

(e) True.

Solution 3

The questions that Upanishadic thinkers wanted answers to were about life after death, and the reason why sacrifices had to be performed.

They felt that there was something permanent in the universe that would last even after death. They described it as the atman or the individual soul and the brahman or the universal soul. Thus, they believed that ultimately both these were one.

Solution 4

The main teachings of Mahavira were that:

  1. Men and women who wanted to know the truth must leave their homes
  2. They need to follow very strictly the rules of ahimsa, which means not hurting or killing living beings. 
  3. They had to lead simple lives, beg for food, be absolutely honest and had to observe celibacy. 
  4. They had to give up everything including their clothes.

Solution 5

Anagha was going on a school trip to Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh. Sarnath near Varanasi is closely connected to the life of Buddha as it was in Sarnath that the Buddha taught the people for the first time. This is why Anagha's mother wanted her to know the story of Buddha the founder of Buddhism and the greatest teacher of ancient times.

Solution 6

It would not have been easy for slaves to join the sangha because they needed their master's permission to do so. Also, the masters’ wouldn’t have given them the permission easily.

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