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Class 6 NCERT Solutions History Chapter 9 - New Empires and Kingdom

New Empires and Kingdom Exercise 94

Solution 1

(a) False.

(b) False.

(c) True.

(d) False.

(e) False.

(f) True.

Solution 2

Three authors who wrote about Harshavardhana were his court poets

  • Banabhatta - who worte Harshacharita
  • Xuan Zang - the Chinese traveller and
  • Ravikirti.

Solution 3

The changes which we find in the armies of this time are:

  • The king had a large and well organized armies consisting of elephants, chariots, cavalry and foot soldiers.
  • The soldiers used different kind of weapons - arrows, swords, spikes, etc.
  • It comprised military leaders who provided the king with troops whenever he needed them. 
  • The leaders or samantas were not paid salaries but were given grants of lands from which they collected revenue. The revenue was used to maintain soldiers, horses and provide equipment for warfare.

Solution 4

The new administrative arrangements during this time were:

  • Some important administrative posts were now hereditary, i.e. the son succeeded the father to their posts.
  • Sometimes one person held many offices. For example, besides being a Maha-danda-nayak Harisena was a kumar-amatya, i.e. an important minister.
  • Important men had a say in the local administration. These included the nagara-shreshthi or chief banker /merchant of the city, the sarthavaha or leader of the merchant caravans, the parathama-kulika or the chief craftsman and the head of the Kayasthas or scribes.

Solution 5

If Arvind was acting as Samudragupta he would have:

  • Lead his army successfully and won victories in battles.
  • As a learned man and musician played the veena.
  • Established a strong and efficient administration.
  • Looked after the welfare of the people.

Solution 6

No. The ordinary people would not have understood the Prashastis because these were written in Sanskrit language, the language of the learned. Also these were composed in very long sentences.

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